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    Desert Safari Dubai
    If you do nothing else on your Dubai break, you must venture out into the desert.

    You can hire a 4×4 and venture out in the desert like a nomad, or you can do it the safer yet fun way and join a desert safari tour. Desert Safari Dubai tour operators will have trained drivers, who know the desert and have fine knowledge for the dangers one comes across upon in this environment.

    They are also well versed with the routes and sightseeing stops, so even if the idea of going it alone really appeals to you, just drop it and join a group Desert Safari. You will still be on a 4×4 but with a whole load of other 4x4s as well, and this can be part of the fun as the vehicle drives you up the golden dunes at 45 degree angle and swish along the sand, you feel like you're on some sandy roller coaster.

    The safaris include an Arabic Bedouin camp, enjoying a barbeque and watching traditional belly dancing before heading back to the chaotic side of the city. With some safari packages, you can actually camp overnight and get back to the concrete side the next morning.

    Extreme Adventures

    Quad Biking: Craving for more motion and adventure to your earlier time? Quad Bike riding permits you to take a challenge on heading up muddy banks and steep dust trails. Quad biking while on a Dubai Desert Safari could also be the brand new enjoyable pastime on the way to stay you definitely hooked.

    Sand Skiing / boarding: Sand boarding is a board sport similar to snowboarding. It is a recreational activity at the Desert Safari Dubai that takes place on sand dunes rather than snow-draped mountains. This board sport has fanatics throughout the world, most commonly in the Dubai Desert Dunes.

    It involves riding across or down a dune while standing with both feet strapped to a board. The advantage of this sport is that it is a 12 month sport, coz the dunes are always there in the desert.

    Dune Buggy: For those who want to go off road for a bumpy, dusty, dirty ride in your Dune Buggy.

    Travel in the depths of the glittering, golden sand dunes where the sun plays hide and seek through the canopy of thick sandy hills. Make your full circle through the desert, passing through the camp and stop as you view the picturesque Dusk / Dawn from the campsite area. Listen as your Desert Safari Dubai guide shares with you a bit of our history, environment and culture.

    As you make your way up into the rural Arabian Desert, be sure to watch out for rare birds that can only be seen in their Natural Habitat. See true Nature at its best in this rugged Dune Buggy Dubai Ride!

    Camel trekking: Wander off in the shiny sand dunes riding the "Ship of the Desert". Enjoy the mesmerizingly orange sunset and wander off in the Desert. All this on the 'Ship of the Desert'. Camel trekking is a fun way to experience the desert, on the Desert Safari Dubai, if you want to do it on a personal level. You stick on to the hump; chuckling with elation …half anxious, half adventurous… it thumps along, kicking the golden sands… and the desert kicks your rear-extending a rare welcome! While riding the 'ship of the desert' on a Camel Convoy, explore the amazing desert vegetation… keep guessing or feel surprised…

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